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Linkos MU Latest News

 [01/06/2018] Reset points raised to 1000
After extensive discussions, careful consideration and evaluation Linkos MU team decided to raise the points per reset to 1000. This will cut down the resets needed for maximum stats by half. The main reason for this is most players willing to play in the server simply don't have enough time to invest to reach maximum stats. This will overall contribute to the server's development and well being. The change will take place on Sunday 3 June at 12:00 (server time). We know a lot of people will not be very happy about this but rest assured it is for the server's best. We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope you will appreciate the changes we need to put in place. Good luck and have fun in the server to you all.

 [05/05/2018] Server restart (Saturday 5 May 2018 at 20:00 Server Time)
After a long period of time server restart took place on Saturday 5 May 2018 at 20:00 Server Time. We are pleased to inform you there's a lot of new features and updates implemented. For more information on it all please visit the STATS and INFO sections of the website as well as the USER PANEL options. Linkos MU Team wishes you all good luck in the new season.

 [05/05/2018] Your account security
We had complaints in the past about stolen items and robbed accounts so that's why we decided to give you some tips on how to keep your account secure by creating this detailed guide. For your password we recommend you put at least one upper case letter and a number to ensure your password is not too simple to guess. For example don't put passwords like '123123', '12345' or 'qwerty123' as it is very easy to guess. Please make sure you never share your account with anyone. This will reduce the risk of your account being stolen significantly. If you are playing in any other servers you should never use the same account name and password. It is also a very good idea to use different e-mail address for any other server or even any other game you play online. If you get offered a program or software that will add credits to your account for free - never accept it and never type your account details in there. This is a scam and someone will steal your details to gain access to your account and eventually rob your items and maybe even delete your character(s). If you shared your account information or you suspect someone might know your account name and/or password please change your password immediately. If you accepted any suspicious program and/or software and you entered your in-game details there please submit a request to change your account details such as e-mail address and/or security question/answer immediately by sending a private message to Admin on our forums. Also if you think your computer might be infected with any kind of viruses - please re-install your operating system immediately as your details might well be at risk. Your account security is solely your responsibility. Linkos MU does not take any responsibility for stolen data such as account names, passwords, e-mail addresses, characters, items etc. I hope this advise will help you keep your account on our server safe.