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Server Information
Server Name: Linkos MU
Version: 99b+
Experience: 9999x
Drop: 100%
Total Accounts: 3993
Total Characters: 7818
Total Guild: 251
Online Players: 3/100
Admins Online: 0/6
Bless Bug: On
Server Status: Online
Maximum Resets: 999

  Content information:
Linkos MU Latest News
New Game Command and Blood Castle Reward Change
Posted By Admin On 17.10.2016

Dear Linkos MU Warriors, we are pleased to announce we added a new command to our server to ease your gameplay. We have also changed our Blood Castle reward. Please see all relevant information below:


This in-game command allows you to reset your character and is available to all players without limitations. Requirements: Level 400 and 10 000 000 Zen. We hope this will ease you and will also allow you to continue playing even when we are upgrading our website further so gameplay remains intact.

Blood Castle Reward: We have now changed the Blood Castle Reward to Jewel of Soul. For each level of Blood Castle you will get different amount of jewels (example: Level 1 = 1 x Jewel of Soul; Level 3 = 3 x Jewel of Soul). As this was requested many times before, we hope that this new small addition will make a big difference to a lot of you.

New Website Functions
Posted By Admin On 05.09.2016

Dear Linkos MU Warriors, we are pleased to announce we added 2 new functions to our website. They are as follows:

- Trade Online Hours: The more you stay online in game, the more credits you will earn from this function. 1 hour spent online in game will bring you 5 credits to use in our web shop. Online hours were counted since the very opening of the server's season: 01/04/2016. This means all your hours so far were stored so you can trade them for credits straight away.

- Check For Duplicated Items: This function allows you to check for duplicated items just by entering a character name. It will search the character, all characters in the account and all vaults. Do not trade items with people that have duplicated items in their accounts! Duplicated items are being erased periodically and we don't restore them.

Both functions are available to everyone once you are logged in successfully at the user panel. We hope both new options will make your stay in the server more pleasant, interesting and safe by letting you earn more free web shop credits and keep away from scammers!

Linkos MU Full Server Information
Posted By Admin On 01.04.2016

 General Information

* Max items level: +13
* Monster HP: 100%
* Points per level: 5/7
* Reset level: 400
* Reset type: Keep stats
* Max stats: 32 767
* Max level: 400
* Guild create level: 180
* Magic Gladiator create level: 220
* Dark Lord create level: 250
* Jewels in shops: Chaos, Bless, Life, Creation
* Box in shops (Devias): +1 +2 +3 +4

 Success Rates

* Jewel Of Soul succes rate: 100%
* Jewel Of Soul succes rate +luck: 100%
* Jewel Of Life succes rate: 100%
* Item +10 succes rate: 100%
* Item +11 succes rate: 100%
* Item +12 succes rate: 100%
* Item +13 succes rate: 100%

 Available commands

* /post [MSG]: Sends a global message to the server (Level 10 is required)
* /pkclear: Clears your kills (50 000 000 Zen is required)
* /reset: Resets your character (Level 400 and 10 000 000 Zen is required)
* /addstr [1 - 32000]: Adds points to Strength
* /addagi [1 - 32000]: Adds points to Agility
* /addvit [1 - 32000]: Adds points to Vitality
* /addene [1 - 32000]: Adds points to Energy

 Custom Quest System

* Talk to any Guard to start your custom quests
* When you complete each quest return and talk to any Guard to get your reward
* /questinfo : Gives you information on your current quest in progress

Linkos MU Promotional Video
Posted By Admin On 01.04.2016

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